Remi’s instagram: It was one of those days where Remi and Mia felt like doing nothing but lounge around and nap at home. A day full of lying in bed, cuddles with Dad, chewing [More]
Remi’s instagram: Daniel took a trip to Byron for three days, which meant that Remi and Mia were without day for a whole three days. This felt like an absolute eternity for them, and [More]
I receive private messages from other dogs very often and they write that they envy me, envy my fame, and want to achieve the same! But few of them understand that all this has another [More]
Baxter talks about his summer while practicing some of the moves he learned in Beginning Musical Freestyle class.
“I thought she was not gonna be able to walk again, I even started doing my research on different wheelchairs to purchase for Sasha to get around” -Sasha’s owner. Sasha is a 4-year-old Dachshund, that [More]
Remi’s instagram: Now that holidays are over, we are getting back to our routine on the Gold Coast. One of the routines includes going to Remi and Mia’s favourite dog beach in Currumbin. We [More]
Adorable Sausage Dogs Videos: ———————- Follow us on Facebook: —————— Video credit Instagram gracewan.naomi gracewan.naomi gracewan.naomi gracewan.naomi gracewan.naomi gracewan.naomi lola_nala_dachies vonhounddashies toolowtheminidox everyonelovesmyweiner [More]
Adorable Sausage Dogs Videos: ———————- Follow us on Facebook: —————— VIDEO CREDIT INSTAGRAM sweet_potato_goguma_ sweet_potato_goguma_ sweet_potato_goguma_ amillionmilesanhour amillionmilesanhour amillionmilesanhour marmadukethedoxie its_a_weinerdogs_life [More]

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